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A Coronary Artery Spasm and Receiving Social Security Disability

When you hear the word "angina," you probably think about chest pain and your heart. Did you know that angina can also be used in reference to pain that develops in other areas of your body? An example of this is abdominal angina. It is a form of angina that refers to postprandial abdominal pain that develops in people when they do not have sufficient blood flow to meet their mesenteric visceral demands. Another example is Ludwig's angina. It is a serious, potentially life-threatening infection of the tissues of the floor of your mouth. Even though there are other forms of angina like those just mentioned, when you hear the word "angina," it is still probably your heart and chest pain that you think about. The kind of angina that is about chest pain and your heart is referred to as angina pectoris. A coronary artery spasm is a brief, temporary narrowing (contraction) of the muscles in an artery wall in your heart. A coronary artery spasm may narrow and decrease or even stop the flow of blood to part of your heart muscle. If a coronary artery spasm lasts long enough, it can result in angina or even a heart attack (myocardial infarction). The angina caused by a coronary artery spasm usually takes place while you are at rest. This is not like typical angina. It usually occurs with some type of physical activity. A coronary artery spasm develops in about 4 out of every 100,000 people in the United States. Even though a coronary artery spasm may take place in anyone at any time, it occurs most often in people who smoke, have high cholesterol or have high blood pressure (hypertension).

There are other things that may trigger a coronary spasm. Some of these may include:

However, a coronary artery spasm may take place in someone who has no risk factors like those that have just been mentioned. It can also occur in people who have disorders that are affecting their immune system like lupus. Men are far more likely to have a coronary artery spasm than women are. In fact, 70 to 90% of the people who have a coronary artery spasm are men. A coronary artery spasm is not an ailment or a disorder. A coronary artery spasm is a sign or symptom of an underlying ailment or disease that causes it to occur. The hallmark sign or symptom of a coronary artery spasm is angina (chest pain). This is chest pain that usually occurs while you are resting, rather than with exertion. The pain resulting from a coronary artery spasm may: You may be incapacitated and unable to work because of the underlying disorder or disease and/or complications that have been brought about by whatever it is that has resulted in a coronary artery spasm. As a result, you may need financial assistance? Have you put in a claim for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration? Was that claim denied? A lawyer at can help. Do not delay. Contact, today.