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A Hepatic Hemangioma and Receiving Social Security Disability

Your liver is one of your vital organs. Your liver carries out important bodily functions. These include purifying your blood, detoxifying harmful substances and manufacturing vital nutrients. A hepatic hemangioma is a benign (noncancerous) tumor (mass) that develops in your liver. It is composed of a tangle of poorly formed blood vessels. These are dilated (widened) blood vessels. A hepatic hemangioma is the most common benign tumor that occurs in your liver. It is thought to be a birth defect. This tumor can develop in anyone at any age, but it occurs most often in people who are in their 30s to 50s. A hepatic hemangioma affects women more than men. Women are affected anywhere from 4 to 6 times as often as men. A hepatic hemangioma is known by other names. It is also referred to as hemangioma of the liver, multinodular hepatic hemangiomatosis, liver hemangioma, infantile hemangioendothelioma and cavernous hepatic hemangioma. No one knows for sure why a hepatic hemangioma develops. As mentioned earlier, doctors believe it is congenital (present at birth), a birth defect. There are risk factors that may increase the likelihood that a hepatic hemangioma will cause signs and symptoms. These include: A hepatic hemangioma may not cause any signs and symptoms at all. However, if it is extremely large and situated near other organs, a hepatic hemangioma can cause severe or even life-threatening signs and symptoms. Some of these are: You or a loved one may have or have had a hepatic hemangioma. A hepatic hemangioma and complications that have resulted from and/or other disabling conditions along with this disorder may have caused you or your loved one’s disability. It may be preventing you from being able to work. Because of this, you may need help. You may need financial assistance. You or your loved one may be planning on applying for the financial help that you need from the Social Security Administration by applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits because of the disability caused by a hepatic hemangioma and complications that have resulted from and/or other disabling conditions along with this disorder. You or your loved one may have already taken this step, and your application was denied by the Social Security Administration. If you or your loved one is thinking about reapplying or appealing the denial, there is an important fact that you need to take into consideration. The fact is that people who are represented by a disability attorney like the one you will find at are approved more often than people who do not have a disability lawyer working for them. Please do not hesitate or put this off until tomorrow. It is far too important to you or your loved one. Contact the disability attorney at, today.
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