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Agoraphobia and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

The word “agoraphobia” comes from two Greek words that literally mean, “a fear of the marketplace”. Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder hastened by the fear of having a panic attack in a setting from which there is no easy means of escape. Agoraphobia is a condition where you become anxious in environments that are unfamiliar, or where you perceive that you will have little control. Crowds, traveling, even when it is for short distances, or wide open spaces can all be triggers for this anxiety. Agoraphobia is often compounded by a fear of social embarrassment, as you may be afraid that you will have a panic attack and appear to be distraught in public. Agoraphobics may have panic attacks in situations where they feel insecure, out of control, trapped or too far from their personal comfort zone. As a result, people with agoraphobia may avoid public and/or unfamiliar places. In severe cases, the person may become confined to their home, experiencing difficulty traveling from this "safe place." At any given time, the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that there are 3.2 million people in America between the ages of 18-54 who have agoraphobia.  Agoraphobia is about twice as common in women as in men. Agoraphobia will cause anxiety that you will have a panic attack when you are in a situation from which escape is not possible or is embarrassing or difficult. Other affects caused by this disorder are disorientation, rapid heartbeat, intense fear, diarrhea and dizziness. There are serious complications that can result or be associated with agoraphobia that can cause you to be unable to work. Some of these are becoming homebound for years, difficulty doing normal, daily activities, difficulty with relationships, alcohol or substance abuse, depression and anxiety and extreme dependence on others. If this describes the situation of you or a loved one, you may need help. You may need financial help. Who can you turn to for help? Who can and will help you? Where will the financial assistance that you need come from? Have you or your loved one thought about applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration because of the disability caused by agoraphobia and/or complications resulting from it. Have you or your loved one already done this and been denied? You or your loved one may be wondering what to do next? What can you do? What options do you have? One option that is open to you or your loved one is to appeal the denial by the Social Security Administration. If you decide to do this, here is something to consider. You may need a disability lawyer like the one at to assist you in this process. This is true because people who are represented by a disability attorney are approved more often than those people without a lawyer. Do not put this off. Contact the skilled disability attorney at, today.
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