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An uncommon condition and SSDI benefits

We’ve all heard of the most common diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer's and realize the SSA considers many of these conditions so severe that claimants with these conditions may not be able to continue to work. But did you also realize that there are thousands of workers with much more rare and less publicized, uncommon conditions who also may qualify for Social Security Disability insurance? disability-benefits-help In 2008, in an effort to expedite the processing of SSDI applications for severe, uncommon conditions “whose medical conditions are so serious that their conditions obviously meet disability standards,” the SSA implemented the Compassionate Allowance Initiative. What started with 50 conditions has grown to include more than 200 conditions. And medical experts continue to work with the SSA to identify more uncommon conditions to potentially expand the list of rare, uncommon conditions in the coming years. The Compassionate Allowance program was created to help some of the most disabled and seriously injured claimants avoid a lengthy and complicated disability application and approval process by expediting applications for claimants with certain uncommon conditions. Instead of waiting for months or years to get benefits, the compassionate allowance claimant may receive benefits within several weeks. The good news is now, more than ever, it is easier for those who are most disabled and most deserving to get the benefits they need quickly and more easily.

What uncommon conditions are covered under the Compassionate Allowance list?

As mentioned above, the Compassionate Allowance list includes 200 rare disorders and conditions. A few conditions include the following: More information about the Compassionate Allowance Initiative and a full listing of the conditions on the list can be found at

Applying for disability benefits for an uncommon condition

If you have submitted your application for your uncommon condition and you have not heard back from the SSA within one month, you need to contact the SSA about your claim immediately.If your uncommon condition is on the Compassionate Allowance List and you have medical evidence which clearly states your diagnosis, you should not need to hire a lawyer. In fact, assuming you meet the nonmedical requirements for SSDI, your case should be approved immediately.

Do I need a lawyer?

If you have a condition which is listed on the Compassionate Allowance list you will need to state this clearly on your application. You may also want to talk to the SSA to ensure your application is automatically placed in the process with applicants who qualify for compassionate allowances. Recent Articles: Spousal benefits will I get them if my spouse gets SSDI?