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Andersen's Disease and Receiving Social Security Disability

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Andersen’s disease is a type of glycogen storage disease. This indicates that it is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder. It is an inborn, hereditary error of metabolism that is characterized by a deficiency in glycogen debranching enzymes. Instead of glycogen, an abnormal form called amylopectin is produced and builds up in your body tissues. This happens primarily in your heart and liver. Andersen’s disease is named after Dorothy Hansine Andersen. She was the first person to identify cystic fibrosis and the first American physician to describe the disease. Other names for this disease are glycogen storage disease type IV, glycogen branching enzyme deficiency (GBED), polyglucosan body disease and amylopectinosis. Andersen’s disease is an extremely rare disease. There are only 1 to 9 cases for every 1 million people. Andersen’s disease is a genetically linked metabolic disorder. Like the other glycogen storage diseases it involves the enzymes regulating glycogen metabolism. These enzymes affect the processing of glycogen breakdown or synthesis within your liver, ahaha muscles and other cell types. Each step in the process uses a different enzyme. The process stops if any one of these enzymes is defective and does not complete its step. The type of glycogen storage disease is determined by which enzyme is defective. Andersen’s disease can affect you by causing cirrhosis and liver failure. There are also several other ways in which this condition can affect you. Some of these are by causing: These effects produced by Andersen’s disease may have reached a point where they are preventing you from working. Andersen’s disease may be the cause of the disability of you or your child with disability. If this is true, you may need help. You may need financial assistance. Have you applied for the financial help that you need from the Social Security Administration by applying for Social Security disability benefits because of the disability caused by Andersen’s disease? Were you or your child with disability denied? You may be thinking about appealing the denial by the Social Security Administration. If this is what you decide to do, here is something that you need to think about. You or your child with disability may need a disability lawyer like the one at to guide and advise you in what can be a long and trying process. The reason this is true is because people who are helped and represented by a disability attorney are approved more often than those people who do not have a lawyer. This is something that could affect you or your child with disability for the rest of your life. Do not delay. Contact the good disability attorney at, today.