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Anhidrosis and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

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Anhidrosis, which is sometimes called hypohidrosis, is the inability to perspire normally. This inability to sweat properly can threaten your life. Your body cannot cool itself when you do not perspire properly. This can lead to overheating and heatstroke, which can be a fatal condition. There are two types of sweat glands in your skin, apocrine and eccrine glands. Your apocrine glands are located in parts of your body where there are many hair follicles like your armpits, groin and scalp. Eccrine glands are located over most of your body. They lead directly to the surface of your skin. Various amounts of these sweat glands stop functioning like they should with anhidrosis. This results in your body not being able to cool itself properly. This can be caused by several different things. These are: Mild anhidrosis may not be noticed. The hallmark indication of anhidrosis is little or no perspiration. This lack of sweat can take place: Because of this lack of perspiration, parts of your body may try to make up for this by overproducing sweat. This means that you may perspire profusely in one area of your body and have little or no sweat in another area of your body. Anhidrosis can be a primary condition, which means it occurs on its own. Or, it can be a sign or symptom of another problem like psoriasis or diabetes. Your or a loved one may be troubled with anhidrosis. Ordinarily, this is not a condition that would qualify you to be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, if you have this condition along with other conditions or have complications resulting from anhidrosis, you may qualify for these benefits. The disability attorney at is the one who can best advise you in this matter. You or your loved one may have already filed for financial help from the Social Security Administration by filing for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits because of the disability caused by anhidrosis and/or complications arising from or along with it? Were you or your loved one denied by the Social Security Administration? If you appeal the denial, remember this. People with a disability attorney representing them like the one at are approved more often than those without a lawyer. Do not hesitate. Contact us so that we can put you in touch with a disability attorney today.