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Approved for Multiple Sclerosis where is my check?

Recently on our disability forum a user asked, “I was approved for disability more than one month ago for my multiple sclerosis. I need my disability check to pay my bills and pay off my credit card debt. Where is my check? Can I expect it any time soon?” handicap-parking If you have been approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for your multiple sclerosis this means the Social Security Administration (SSA) believes your condition is so severe that you can no longer perform substantial gainful activity. To prove this you were either able to show that your condition met or exceeded the listing for multiple sclerosis (Listing 11.00 Neurological, Section 11.09 Multiple sclerosis) or you were able to prove that you no longer have the residual mental or physical capacity to work. Unfortunately, like the approval process, getting your Social Security check for multiple sclerosis can take time. The good news is you are nearing the end, and you will not have to fight the SSA anymore to prove you are disabled. You will, however, have to patiently wait while the SSA completes the necessary steps to issue the check.

Steps after a SSDI hearing for Multiple Sclerosis

Assuming the hearing is completed and the administrative record is immediately closed, the Administration Law Judge will generally issue their decision within 30-90 days following the hearing. If a decision has not been made in 90 days and you have a lawyer it’s time for them to contact the ALJ and find out if there is any additional information the ALJ needs to help them with the decision making process. After the administrative law judge issues their approval decision, your case is sent back to the local SSA district office where they will verify you have not started working above a substantial gainful activity level. If you have worked too much or made too much money for too long between the dates you requested your hearing and your claim was approved the SSA office can issue a denial.

Verify payment method with the SSA

Assuming you remain eligible for SSDI benefits, you will not have to visit an SSA office to be paid. You will, however, need to make sure the SSA has updated information about your bank account, specifically if you have moved. You should also receive a “Notice of Award” from the Social Security Administration explaining your benefits. This notice will list not only the amount of your on-going monthly benefit payment, but it will also show the date you were first eligible to receive benefits and any back benefit payments you are eligible to receive. This notice will also provide information about your potential Medicare eligibility, the date you will be eligible for Medicare, and the amount you must pay to participate. Keep in mind; you may not be eligible for Medicare until 24 months from the date of eligibility. For more information visit Check for Multiple Sclerosis issued by the payment processing center All payments for SSDI benefits are processed in a payment processing center. The district office and the payment processing center will work together to ensure you are paid the correct amount for back payments. If you hired a disability lawyer their 25% fee is subtracted from your back pay benefits. Bottom Line for Multiple Sclerosis: If you have been approved for SSDI benefits for multiple sclerosis the wait is not over. It could take several months for the SSA to issue your check and send it to you. Recent articles: Light work and proving I cannot do it