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Benign Lymphogranulomatosis and Receiving Social Security Disability

Benign lymphogranulomatosis is a disease in which abnormal collections of chronic inflammatory cells (granulomas) form as nodules in several of your organs. These granulomas develop most often in your lungs or lymph nodes. However, they can appear in virtually any of your organs. Benign lymphogranulomatosis is an inflammatory disease. It originates with a specific kind of inflammation. The granulomas mentioned above are tiny, grain-like lumps of cells. They are referred to as granulomas because they look like grains of sand or sugar. As also mentioned above, these granulomas develop and show up most often in your lymph nodes or lungs. However, they may then clump together and form larger lumps that attack other organs. In fact, it is possible for benign lymphogranulomatosis to affect practically any organ in your body. This may mean your skin, liver, eyes, heart or nervous system. The cause of benign lymphogranulomatosis has not yet been determined. However, researchers do know that it is an immune system disease. An immune system disease is one in which your immune system that normally fights anything foreign that invades your body, for some unknown reason, attacks the cells and tissues of your own body.

Signs you could have Benign Lymphogranulomatosis

The signs and symptoms that you experience with benign lymphogranulomatosis will depend on which of your organs are being affected by the disease. As mentioned earlier, your lungs are the organs that are affected most of the time. Possible signs and symptoms are:

Possible symptoms of Benign Lymphogranulomatosis

In many cases, benign lymphogranulomatosis is marked by non-specific signs and symptoms like fever, malaise (general feeling of sickness), fatigue, unintentional weight loss and night sweats. Are you incapacitated and kept from being able to work due to benign lymphogranulomatosis and/or complications that have arisen from it or other ailments that you have in conjunction with this disease. Because of this, are you in need of financial aid? Do not hesitate. Get in touch with now!