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Berger's Disease and Receiving Social Security Disability

Your kidneys are complex organs whose main job is to remove excess fluid and waste from your body. Berger's disease is a kidney disorder that is caused by abnormal deposits of the immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is inside the small blood vessels (glomeruli) of your kidneys. Glomeruli normally filter excess water and waste from your blood. This filtered material then goes through small fluid-collecting tubes (renal tubules) and eventually winds up in your bladder as urine. IgA deposits in your glomeruli hinder this process and can lead to protein and blood in your urine, swelling in your hands and feet and hypertension (high blood pressure). Berger’s disease is a chronic condition that develops gradually. It usually affects young men, but it can occur at any age in both males and females. Berger’s disease is the most common form of primary glomerulonephritis. It is a type of kidney disease that hampers your kidneys' ability to remove waste and excess fluids. Berger’s disease is named after a French physician named Jean Berger. He was the first one to describe this condition. Berger’s disease is also known by other names. It is also called IgA nephropathy, IgA nephritis, synpharyngitic glomerulonephritis, thin basement membrane disease and Berger’s nephropathy. There are several signs and symptoms that you may experience with Berger’s disease. Some of these are: In addition to these effects that you may experience, your doctor may discover persistent red blood cells in your urine (microscopic hematuria), upon a microscopic examination of a sample of your urine. Berger’s disease and/or complications arising from or related to this disorder can be debilitating. It may be the cause of you or a loved one’s disability. If this is the case, you or your loved one may need help? You may need financial help? Where will that financial assistance come from? Who will provide the help that you or your loved one needs? Have you or your loved one applied for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration because of the disability caused by Berger’s disease and/or complications resulting from or related to it? Were you denied? If you or your loved one is thinking about appealing the denial by the Social Security Administration, you will need a determined disability lawyer to help you like the one you will find at in what can be a trying process. This is true because people who have a disability attorney on their side are approved more often than those people who do not have a lawyer.