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The recent decline in the housing market has hit California particularly hard and the effects of this are being felt especially amongst those who are struggling with a disability. If you live in California, are disabled, and are currently finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet, then it is likely that you have considered filing for Social Security Disability. There are however, many aspects of doing so that you ought to take into consideration before submitting your claim. The filing process for SSI or SSDI can be a very frustrating and confusing process. The easiest way of avoiding this is by taking the time to familiarize yourself with Social Security Disability. There are many resources available here on Disability Case Review which will help guide you along your way. Also, you can do yourself no greater service than to hire a California Disability Lawyer. An attorney in California who specializes in Disability claims will be most familiar with the laws that apply to your specific case and will be able to maximize your chances at receiving benefits. For assistance in locating a lawyer in your area of California, continue to explore Disability Case Review.