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Can I Get Social Security Disability for Ebstein's Anomaly

Can I get Social Security Disability for Ebstein’s anomaly? If this is something that you want to know, it is most likely because you have this disorder, and it and/or complications that have resulted from the disorder or other disabling conditions that you have in addition to it are why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. disability-legal-help The center of your cardiovascular system is your heart. Your heart pumps blood to all of the cells in your body by way of your blood vessels. Blood is what transports the oxygen that your cells have to have. Heart disease is a term that is used to refer to a group of diseases that involve your heart. These are diseases that take place when your heart and blood vessels are not functioning properly. Congenital Ebstein’s anomaly is a congenital heart defect. Congenital refers to something that is present at birth. Ebstein’s anomaly is a disorder that involves your tricuspid valve not working like it is supposed to. Your tricuspid valve is the heart valve that is located between the chambers on the right side of your heart. Ebstein’s anomaly is evidenced by blood that leaks back through your tricuspid valve. Your heart does not function as effectively as it ought to when this happens. Ebstein’s anomaly may also cause enlargement of your heart or heart failure. Rare Ebstein’s anomaly is rare. Estimates are that the heart defect is present in around 1 in 20,000 live births, which means it is responsible for less than 1% of all congenital heart defects. It occurs most often in white people. Several signs and symptoms may be an indication of Ebstein’s anomaly. These signs and symptoms can be anywhere from mild to severe and may progress slowly over a span of many years. Some of these include: Failure to grow Swelling of your legs Shortness of breath An extremely fast heartbeat or your heart pounding or racing A cough Cyanosis (a bluish discoloration of your lips and skin resulting from low oxygen) Fatigue especially occurring with exertion Heart palpitations or arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) Rapid breathing. A cause cannot be determined in most instances of Ebstein’s anomaly. However, the use of certain drugs, such as lithium during pregnancy, may have a part in bringing about this heart defect. Again, you may be afflicted with Ebstein’s anomaly. This disorder and/or complications that have resulted from it or other debilitating conditions that you have in addition to it are why your are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. Have you applied for the financial assistance that you need by applying for Social Security Disability from the Social Security Administration? Were you denied? Important fact If you are considering reapplying or appealing your denial, think carefully about this important fact. People who have a disability attorney on their side like the one at, are approved more often than people who are not represented by a disability attorney. The smart thing to do is to contact the disability attorney at, and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you. Article written by James Shugart Connect with James on Google+