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Can I file a Social Security Disability Claim with out a Social Security Disability Attorney's help?

It is possible to file your Social Security Disability application by yourself, but unfortunately, if you are denied at the initial level for either SSDI or SSI benefits, in most cases you will also be denied at the reconsideration level as well (certain states do not have a reconsideration level and you will skip straight to the hearing level if you are denied at the application level). At the reconsideration level the main tasks for the Social Security Disability Lawyer is to complete the reconsideration appeal paperwork and complete status calls with the Disability Determination Services office and answer questions from the Social Security Administration. At the Social Security Disability Hearing level the Social Security Disability Attorney will have experience at preparing disability cases, will be able argue that you are disabled according to the Social Security Administrative Impairment Listing definition, will understand how to review and evaluate your medical information and will prepare arguments to counter claims from the vocational expert that you may be qualified to retrain for other types of employment opportunities. In addition, disability lawyers have attended numerous hearings and understand the hearing procedures, how to respond to the Administrative Law Judge questions and how to argue against all expert testimony which is issued from either a medical or vocational expert. It is a good idea to have help from a Social Security Disability Attorney at the Administrative Law Judge hearing. Claimants who fail to have adequate representation have a much smaller chance of winning Social Security Disability benefits.