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Can I Get Social Security Disability for Dermatosclerosis

Can I get Social Security Disability for dermatosclerosis? You are probably asking this question because you have this disease, and it and/or complications that have resulted from the disease or other debilitating conditions that you have along with it are the reason why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. get-filing-disability-help Dermatosclerosis is placed in the general category of an autoimmune rheumatic disease. These are diseases that are marked by pain in your joints or muscles. An autoimmune disease is a disease that is caused by your immune system attacking the cells and tissues of your own body for some unknown reason. Dermatosclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects your connective tissue. Two forms There are two primary forms of dermatosclerosis. They are systemic and localized. Systemic dermatosclerosis involves your internal organs and blood vessels in addition to your skin. Localized dermatosclerosis affects only your skin. The kind of dermatosclerosis that you have is what determines the signs and symptoms you experience and to what extent you are affected internally and externally. Many areas of your body can be affected by dermatosclerosis. This includes your skin, esophagus, bowels, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels and blood pressure. Possible signs and symptoms may include: Fatigue Problem swallowing Diarrhea or constipation Headache Shortness of breath Localized chest pain Hypertension (high blood pressure) Changes in the color of your ears, nose, toes and fingers Inflammation that may involve itching, swelling, redness, pain and tenderness Decrease in the range of motion in your toes, fingers and jaw Hardening or tightening of your skin that usually involves your fingers, feet, face and neck Dermatosclerosis is brought about by an overproduction and accumulation of collagen in your tissues. Collagen is a fibrous kind of protein that makes up the connective tissues of your body. Your immune system is what causes this overproduction of collagen and inflammation. No one knows why this happens, although genetic and environmental factors may play a role in bringing this about. Estimates No one knows how many people around the world are affected by dermatosclerosis. In the United States, estimates are that about 300,000 people are affected by the disease. However, due to the fact that the signs and symptoms of dermatosclerosis are similar to other autoimmune diseases, there may be many misdiagnosed or undiagnosed instances of dermatosclerosis. Once again, you may have dermatosclerosis. This disease and/or complications that have resulted from it or other debilitating conditions that you have in addition to it are why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. Have you applied for the financial assistance you need by applying for Social Security Disability from the Social Security Administration? Were you denied? Important fact If you are thinking about reapplying or appealing your denial, here is an important fact that you need to consider. People who are represented by a disability attorney like the one at, are approved more often than people who are not represented by a disability attorney. The wise thing to do is to contact the disability attorney at, and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you. Article written by James Shugart Connect with James on Google+