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Can my Social Security Disability Attorney expedite my Social Security Disability Claim?

In most cases the answer to this question is no, but the goal of hiring a disability attorney is not to speed up or expedite your Social Security Disability case but to increase your chances of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits. Unfortunately, many claimants who receive benefits will only do so after their case has been heard by the Administrative Law Judge at the Social Security Disability Hearing. The Social Security Disability process can be extremely slow and the time it takes for your case to be processed can depend on the case load of the Social Security examiner who is reviewing you Social Security Disability application, the time it takes to receive your medical records from the doctors and hospitals you have visited and the number of cases up for review before the Administrative Law Judge who will review your Social Security Disability claim. If a disability lawyer can not speed up your case, you may wonder if there is anything that can be done to expedite your Social Security claim. The answer is maybe. Gathering medical records is a very time consuming activity for not only the Social Security Administration office but also for your Social Security Disability Attorney. If you are in the application, reconsideration or Social Security Disability hearing level, and you have copies of your medical records, it may expedite your claim if you provide your medical records to your Social Security Attorney. Your disability attorney can coordinate submitting the medical records at the time they submit your Social Security Disability paperwork. In some instances, a claimant may have a situation which is considered "dire need". It may help to submit a dire need letter with all the proper information: past due bills, mortgage notices, etc. which will prove you lack the financial resources to support your self. Your Social Security Disability Attorney can ensure the letter is file appropriately. The dire need letter may convince the court to speed up their disability decision. The final method to expedite your Social Security Disability decision is to submit an "on-the-record-review" of your case. This can be done after your Social Security Disability Attorney has made a request for your Social Security Disability hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.