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Cerebral Ischemia and Social Security Benefits

Your brain is located in your head. It is truly one of the most amazing, fascinating and complex organs that can be found anywhere in all of creation.  In this post we write about the neurological disorder Cerebral Ischemia.  We first give you an introduction into how the brain and your nervous system works. Your mind and personality reside in your brain. Your cherished memories and future hopes also live in your brain. The center of your nervous system is your brain. The actions and reactions of your body are monitored and under the control of your brain. Sensory information is perpetually being received by your brain. Your brain very rapidly analyzes and responds to this sensory data by determining the functions and actions of your body. As you can see, your brain is extremely important and vital. Any ailment or illness that involves and affects your brain is a serious matter that ought not to be taken lightly. Cerebral ischemia is a condition that is marked by an insufficient amount of blood flow getting to your brain to meet your metabolic demand. This, in turn, results in poor oxygen supply (cerebral hypoxia), the death of brain tissue or ischemic stroke/cerebral infarction. The seriousness and danger of cerebral ischemia can be seen by the fact that if blood flow to your brain is interrupted for more than 10 seconds, you lose consciousness. An interruption that lasts longer than a few minutes usually results in irreversible damage to your brain. Cerebral ischemia is a sub-type of stroke. It is similar to intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Cerebral ischemia may bring about several problems. These may include an energy crisis, alterations in the metabolism of your brain and a reduction of your metabolic rates. There are two main kinds of cerebral ischemia. They are focal cerebral ischemia and global cerebral ischemia. Focal cerebral ischemia is a localized type of cerebral ischemia. It is confined to a specific area of your brain. Global cerebral ischemia is a widespread kind of cerebral ischemia. It affects and involves broad areas of your brain.

Diseases and Abnormalities that can cause Cerebral Ischemia

The cause of cerebral ischemia has been associated with a variety of abnormalities and diseases. Some of these are:

Signs that you might have Cerebral Ischemia

The signs and symptoms that you experience with cerebral ischemia will depend on the area of your brain that is being deprived of oxygen and blood. There are many different signs and symptoms that you may have including: The signs and symptoms that you experience with cerebral ischemia can range anywhere from being mild to severe. Your signs and symptoms can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes or to an extended period of time. It is possible for your signs and symptoms to become permanent. Has cerebral ischemia and/or complications that have arisen from it or other disorders that you have in addition to this condition caused your disability? If this is the case, do you need financial assistance? Have you put in a claim for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration? Was your claim turned down? If you intend to reapply or appeal your denial of disability, you really ought to be represented by the disability attorney at The disability attorney at can help you get the disability benefits that you have coming to you.