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Cleveland Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social security disability income is available to any disabled person, who cannot earn a living for at least twelve months and has worked for a long enough period to pay towards social security. If you are disabled and in need of a regular disability income, we can help you. Our Cleveland social security disability lawyers will assist you by evaluating your case and advising you on your course of action. Filing a disability claim is not an easy task. The procedures and documentation can be confusing and tiresome. Our Cleveland social security disability lawyers will take care of all these aspects, so that you are not weighed down with worries. Our sponsoring Cleveland social security disability attorneys will also gather evidence, arrange for additional medical exams and approach experts for their testimony. They will support you all along the way and ensure that you get a sum that is a fair compensation for you. There are a few points that need to be kept in mind before you file for a social security disability claim: • Do not waste time making your decision. Some cases lose their entitlement as a result of late filing. Get in touch with a social security disability attorney immediately. (Click here for a FREE consultation with a social security disability lawyer.) • Compile all the required medical records thoroughly, like reports of medical tests, expert medical advice, list of impairments and a clear explanation of your medical condition. • Give details regarding your career in the last ten to twenty years. Give job descriptions and reasons why you cannot do the same work in your present state. • Mention other maintenance or compensations that you may be receiving. Our legal services are available in other cities across Ohio like Fremont, Toledo, Franklin, Cambridge, Cincinnati, Hamilton etc. You can also fin information on New York Disability lawyer and Philadelphia social security disability. The addresses of your local Social Security Administration office are given below: SSA Room 793 AJC Federal Building, 1240 East 9th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 44199 Social Security Office Site 211, 3355 Richmond Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44122 Apply for Disability Benefits 2519 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, 44113 SSDI 1950 East 117th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 44106