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Click Murmur Syndrome could qualify you for SSI or SSDI

Click murmur syndrome is a disorder that develops when your mitral valve of your heart does not close the way that it ought to. When this happens, it may result in blood being permitted to leak back into your left atrium. This is what is known as mitral valve regurgitation.  Click murmur syndrome, the heart disorder, may qualify you for social security disability benefits.   The mitral valve of your heart is also known as your left atrioventricular valve or your bicuspid valve. Your mitral valve is what is referred to as a dual-flap valve. Your mitral valve separates the ventricle (lower) and atrium (upper) chambers of the left side of your heart. Your mitral valve has the task of controlling blood flow from your left atrium into your left ventricle. The most common heart valve abnormality in the United States is click murmur syndrome. In fact, it is thought that as high as 10% of the general population of the United States may have some kind of click murmur syndrome. If you have click-murmur syndrome, you may be entitled to some type of social security disability benefits like SSI or SSDI. The right thing to do is to turn to one of the social security attorneys at The social security attorneys at are experienced in matters relating to getting disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. At this time, the specific thing that results in click murmur syndrome has not been discovered. However, click-murmur syndrome has been connected with several different things. Some of these are:   Most of the time, click-murmur syndrome does not produce any signs or symptoms at all. It probably will not need any treatment. However, when the heart disorder click-murmur syndrome does result in signs and symptoms, it may lead to serious, life-threatening complications. The signs and symptoms produced by click-murmur syndrome may vary greatly from person to person. Some of the possible signs and symptoms that you may have are:
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