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Council for Disability Awareness posts review of Long-Term Disability Claims

The Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) is a non-profit organization which tracks the trends of disabilities. The CDA reviewed information from 2007 long-term disability claims and the Social Security Disability Insurance 2007 Statistical Supplement to develop a comprehensive overview of current long-term disability trends.

The CDA determined that in the last 10 years, the number of workers who have long-term disabilities grew four times faster than the United State’s workforce. The CDA also determined that women are at the greatest risk of suffering a long-term disability with a growth rate 2 times the rate of working men.

In 2007, the Social Security Administration also had their lowest approval rates for Social Security Disability claims, approving only 37.6% of Social Security Disability Insurance claims. Social Security Disability Insurance applications continued to rise to approximately 2.2 million. Cancer is currently the second leading cause of new claims behind accident and injury claims, which are the fastest growing type of Social Security Disability Insurance Claims.

According to the CDA 2007 survey, 152 million workers were covered for disability insurance under the SSDI program in 2007; this is a 13% increase over the 134 million workers covered a decade ago. Given the increase in disability claims and the decrease in Social Security Disability Insurance benefits awarded, Americans need to prepare for long-term disability. Social Security Disability lawyers have specialized knowledge of how the benefits process works and can save you time and effort. Your disability is stressful enough without having the added burden of filing your claim alone. Get Social Security Disability help today.