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Few legal cases can have such a direct effect on the client's wellbeing as a social security disability claim. Unable to work, these individuals find it extremely difficult to find the means to support themselves and their families. Add to that the constant hospital visits that may be a part of their condition, and their cost of living only increases. With so much on the line, it is disturbing to see how many individuals with a mental or physical disability believe that they do not even need to look into getting a lawyer to represent them through the process. This is due in part to the Social Security Administration which routinely advises applicants that attorneys are unnecessary. It should be no wonder that the majority of claims are denied on the first attempt. If you live in the Delaware area and are seeking disability, there are several very experienced Delaware disability lawyers who can help you successfully seek your social security benefits. For help in locating an attorney in your area of Delaware or to learn more about the Social Security Disability application process, continue to explore .