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Demophobia and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

The word “agoraphobia” comes from two Greek words, which literally mean, “a fear of the marketplace”. Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that is brought on by the fear of having a panic attack in circumstances or a setting from which you believe there is no easy means of escape. Agoraphobia is a condition in which you become anxious in environments that are not familiar to you or where you think that you will have little or no control. Traveling, even if it is for short distances, wide open spaces or crowds may all be triggers for agoraphobia. There is another phobia that can be confused with agoraphobia. This phobia is demophobia. Do you believe that you have demophobia? If you do, you may meet the requirements for social security disability benefits like SSDI or SSI. The right thing to do is to go to, and get the advise of one of the social security attorneys. The social security attorneys at are skilled in matters relating to disability benefits. Actually, demophobia is marked by one aspect of agoraphobia. Demophobia is the fear of crowds, demonstrations or mobs. Demophobia is the fear of being in a crowded place. Demophobia is the result of an unconscious defense (overprotection) mechanism. Demophobia is usually brought about by your mind over-protecting you from something that it considers to be a real, genuine danger to you. In many cases, demophobia is the result of an unresolved emotional conflict in your life. In the case of demophobia, your mind sees demonstrations, mobs or crowds as being a threat or something that may harm you. Crowded places are something that you try to avoid because of this phobia. The signs and symptoms that result from demophobia may be physical, emotional and mental in nature. The fear and anxiety that you experience may range anywhere from mild feelings of anxiety to a full-blown panic attack. Most of the time, the closer you are to crowded situations, the greater your fear will be. However, because your fear is about crowds and not the actual crowds, themselves, you may experience a strong fear reaction just by using your mind. There are several signs and symptoms that may be an indication of demophobia. Some of these include: