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Details About The Social Security Disability Benefits Application

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a long and difficult process. It takes patience and perserverance to complete the application and receive the benefits you deserve, and sometimes, even that is not enough. If you are having trouble getting the disability benefits you need from the Social Security Administration, you need a tenacious disability attorney on your side. As a continuation of our previous post, here is a list of the information that you will need to have in order to fill out the application and some details about what the application will look like. You will need: If you have the above mentioned information ready, it may only take you 15-30 minutes to fill it out. The Social Security Administration estimates that it will take you 10-30 minutes to fill out the application with the average time being about 15 minutes. The first section is personal information including your name, social security number, gender and date of birth. It also will ask you if your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 months. The second page of the Social Security disability application asks for your address, phone number, the best time to call and your email address. Your language preferences are also asked for on the second page. The third page of the application is about citizenship. It asks if you were born in the United States or a U.S. Territory or Commonwealth, and if you are a United States citizen. Once you finish the three page application for Social Security disability benefits, you will be given an application number. In order for the date that you fill out the application to be the official application date, you have six months from that date to complete the application process. There is then an additional information section that you have to fill out of two pages. The first wants to know if you have ever used any other social security number or name. The second page asks if you want to receive reduced Retirement benefits while waiting for the disability decision. The next section is a three page section that asks about your family. It asks about your spouse and children. The next section is about military service. If you were in the military, you will need to provide information about the branch you served in and dates of service. The next section is about your work history. You will need names, dates of employment and what you did. Next, is a section about direct deposit. Here, you will need to supply information about your bank or credit union. You are then asked to list your disability or disabilities. At the end of the application you will need to authorize the Social Security Administration to get a copy of your medical records to confirm your disability and eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. If you are denied by the Social Security Administration in your application for Social Security disability benefits, you may need the help of an experienced disability attorney to help you in appealing the denial. is the website where you can contact a skilled disability lawyer who can help you in what can be a long and complicated process. If you have been denied, do not wait or delay. Contact the reliable disability attorney at, today.