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Developmental Reading Disorder and Receiving Social Security Disability

One of the most important skills that anyone can come to possess is the ability to read. In many different areas of life and learning, reading is a skill that is necessary and basic. Developmental reading disorder is an impairment in your brain’s capacity to translate written images that are taken in by your eyes into meaningful language. Developmental reading disorder is a learning disability that may hinder your ability to read, spell, write and sometimes speak. If you have been diagnosed with developmental reading disorder, you may meet the requirements for obtaining social security disability benefits like SSDI or SSI. The SSI and SSDI attorneys at are the ones who can help determine this. Do not delay or put this off. Contact, today. Developmental reading disorder is referred to in other ways. It is also known as specific reading disability and dyslexia. There are different types of developmental reading disorder. Some of these are: Developmental reading disorder is a common condition in the United States. It is estimated to affect somewhere around 2 to 30% of the general population of the United States. The most accepted estimate for this disorder is about 10%. As just mentioned above, trauma developmental reading disorder is brought about by some kind of trauma or brain injury to that part of your brain that controls reading and writing. The other types of developmental reading disorder look as if they are caused by a malfunction in certain parts of your brain that have control of language. It is also possible that genetics (heredity) may have a part in leading to developmental reading disorder due to the fact that the disorder frequently runs in families. There are several different signs and symptoms that may indicate that you have developmental reading disorder. Some of these include:  
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