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Disability for back injury how long will payment last?

Recently on our disability forum a user asked, “I was in a car accident two weeks ago and suffered a severe back injury. The doctor said it will take at least 12 months to recover, but it’s unlikely I will ever be able to go back to work. I was wondering if I qualify for SSDI benefits, and if yes, how long will I receive SSDI payments?” This is a great question. Many workers have no idea what type of benefits they may receive if they become disabled and they are unable to work. Unfortunately, getting disabled and missing one, two, or 12 months of work is much more likely than dying, which begs the question why so many workers plan for death by purchasing life insurance but never plan for long-term disability. So let’s break this question down.

Who can qualify for disability benefits?

Now, you mentioned that you have a severe back injury. The good news is that if you have sufficient medical evidence to support your claim that you cannot work for 12 months and the doctor concurs, you have a good chance of winning benefits. You will first need to review the requirements the Social Security Administration (SSA) has outlined in their Listing of Impairments (a listing of all the most common qualifying ailments and their corresponding symptoms). If you can prove your condition meets and exceeds a listing, you can win benefits (assuming you have sufficient work credits to be insured for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and you are not working too much when you apply. How long will I get SSDI benefits for my back injury? Now, let’s break down the second part of your question: How long will I receive Social Security Disability Insurance for my back injury? Assuming you meet the requirements outlined above – sufficient work credits, severe injury, disabled for at least 12 continuous months- you will continue to receive SSDI benefits for as long as you are determined disabled, until you return to work and earn too much money to be considered disabled, you die, or you reach your full retirement age. Now, many claimants make the mistake and think that SSDI benefits for a back injury are permanent. While SSDI is considered long-term insurance, the SSA will perform periodic reviews of your condition. The length of time between reviews varies based on your condition and expectation of recovery, but there will be a time in the future when the SSA will determine if you are still disabled.

What if I am only going to be disabled due to my back injury for a short period of time?

Some claimants also make the mistake of not applying for disability benefits because they do not think their back injury will be permanent. Benefits are offered to claimants whose condition will last at least 12 continuous months. This means that even if your back injury improves and you are able to return to work after 13 months you might be able to receive a closed period benefit for the months you missed work. With this in mind, it’s always good to apply for SSDI as soon as you know that your condition will last 12 months. Recent blogs: Blunt force trauma, workers compensation, and SSDI