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People always ask me where is the best place to find information about social security disability without having to pay for an attorney or disability advocate. The first thing I tell them is you do not pay for a social security disability attorney. That can't be true, right? Well it is half true. A typical social security disability attorney receives compensation through an agreement similar to a contingency fee. For those who are unfamiliar with a contingency fee, it basically is, you only pay the attorney if you are awarded benefits. So when you see free consultation, there is no catch. It actually is free! So a social security claimant only stands to gain from talking to a social security disability lawyer. Outside of an attorney, the internet is the best place to find information about your social security claim. There is a wealth of information available to you from various source on the web. The social security administration's website for disability is Everything you read on this site is completely accurate and is constantly being updated with the most current rules and regulations on social security. There are several independent websites devoted to providing legal services, general information, and anything else you want to know about the social security process. For the ambitious claimant out there, you can go to the actually Social Security Act. While this is the source for social security disability, it is not the easiest document to read and is quite dry. Basically the information is out there, it just takes a little leg work on your part to find it. It is easy to access this information. Just sit down on the internet and punch in keywords on the several search engines available on the internet. Or you can browse around on this site to find what you need to know.