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The process of seeking benefits for a disability through Social Security can be extremely confusing and frustrating. To make matters worse, the laws and procedures that govern the filing process change at an unnerving rate. Many who begin the process eventually give up simply because the endeavor is just too difficult. The sad truth is that the system is actually designed to make it difficult for applicants so that any frivilous claims are dropped before having to be reviewed. This leaves many people with legitimate claims in Sacramento disenchanted and bewildered. If you are struggling with a disability, then the benefits of seeking SSDI are certainly worth going through the filing process. However, there is much that you can do to reduce the level of confusion that you are likely to encounter. There are many resources here on Disability Case Review that are extremely useful as you pursue your claim. You should be sure to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the information available. Additionally, you need to hire an attorney in Sacramento. Unless you have a law degree and are very familiar with recent legislative and procedural changes that apply to Sacremento, then having an attorney to navigate through the filing process will be a vital asset as you seek Social Security Disability. More information regarding lawyers in Sacrmento is also available here on Disability Case Review.