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Distal Muscular Dystrophy and Receiving Social Security Disability

Muscular dystrophy is also known as (MD). Muscular dystrophy is used for a group of hereditary, genetic, muscle diseases that are characterized by progressive muscle weakness in the muscles that help your body move. Incorrect or missing information in your genes is what causes muscular dystrophy. In order to have healthy muscles, certain proteins are needed. Muscular dystrophy prevents these from being made. Muscular dystrophy is not contagious. You cannot catch it from someone who has the disease. Your muscles are weakened over time by muscular dystrophy. The ability to do things that most people take for granted like walking or sitting up is lost by children, teens and adults who have this disease. These problems caused by muscular dystrophy can begin at birth or shortly after. Sometimes, they can also start later on in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. There are several different kinds of muscular dystrophy that affect different muscle groups in different ways. Distal muscular dystrophy is one of the types of this disease. Distal muscular dystrophy was first described in 1902. It usually begins in middle age or even later. However, it can begin in childhood. Distal muscular dystrophy is really a group of diseases rather than a single disease. Just as there are several forms of muscular dystrophy, there are also different types of distal muscular dystrophy. This disease affects your distal muscles. These are the muscles that are farthest away from your shoulders and hips. These are the muscles in your hands, lower arms, feet and lower legs. The primary signs and symptoms of distal muscular dystrophy are wasting and weakness in the muscles of your hands, forearms and lower legs. In time, however, other muscle groups may be affected. The signs and symptoms of this disease usually progress slowly. Other possible signs and symptoms that you may experience include: Your intellect is not affected by distal muscular dystrophy. You or your child with disability may have been diagnosed with distal muscular dystrophy. This disease may be why you or your child with disability is disabled. This disorder may be why you need financial assistance. Have you applied for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration for you or your child with disability because of the disability caused by distal muscular dystrophy? Were you or your child with disability denied? If you decide to appeal the denial by the Social Security Administration, please pay close attention to this. People who are represented in the appeals process by a disability lawyer like the one you will find at are approved more often than those people who are not represented by an attorney. Please do not put this off. This is something that may affect you or your child with disability for the rest of their life. Contact the dependable disability lawyer at, today.