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Do I have a good Social Security Disability Case?

One of the most common questions that an applicant applying for Social Security Disability benefits will ask is: Do I have a good Social Security Disability Case? The Social Security Administration has very specific requirements that an individual must meet to be determined disabled, so this is not always an easy question to answer. The Social Security Administration will first determine if you are working and making less than a pre-determined allowable amount. This amount can vary each year. If you do not meet the first criteria, they will not examine your medical conditions, and you will automatically be denied Social Security Disability benefits. Next they will review the severity of your conditions and whether you will have the physical or mental limitations for at least twelve months or the conditions will result in death. Finally they will review your ability to perform work. The Social Security Administration will review your ability to perform your current job as well as other jobs which you could be trained to do. Many people can not perform their current job due to health conditions, but to obtain Social Security Disability benefits you must prove you are unable to re-train to perform any other type of work. The Social Security Administration will review a variety of factors to determine if you could do other jobs including your education, age, past work experience and other job skills. If your Social Security Disability claim is at the judicial hearing level one of the main tasks for your Social Security Disability Attorney is to provide evidence that you are incapable of performing any other job due to your mental or physical health conditions. Many hearings will have a job expert that will provide job recommendations that they think you may be able to do. Your Social Security Disability Attorney can provide expert information on the limitations you might have in performing these jobs. Limitations such as your inability to walk, stand or sit may be obvious, but other limitations such as the side effects of your medications or frequent medical appointments may not be. It is important to consult with a Social Security Disability Attorney who can review your Social Security Disability claim and help outline your disability and how it will keep you from working any type of job or performing any type of substantial gainful activity.