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Do I need an attorney to file for disability? You do not necessarily need an attorney to take care of your social security disability case. An individual claimant may file for disability on their own. There is however some things that only an attorney can do in regard to a social security case. While an attorney is not required, an attorney representing your claim is highly recommended. If you need to find an attorney, look at these: Chicago Social Security, Atlanta Disability, or for more general information, look at Disability. The Social Security Administration, just like any other governmental agency is filled with specific rules and regulations that must be followed regardless of a claimant's knowledge. The Social Security Administration's rules for evaluating an individual's disability and their past and current work ability are complex. Dealing with the Social Security Administration on your own can lead to headaches and loss of your time and effort. Having an experienced attorney on your side takes the guess work out of the rules and regulations of the administration. One of the most difficult areas involved in a typical social security disability case is the analysis of medical records. These medical records are difficult to understand and even more difficult to determine how your medical records will advance or debilitate your case. An attorney can take the information from your medical records and extract that information that will be necessary to start receiving benefits from the government. Notwithstanding these two areas, the numbers speak for themselves. Claimants represented by a qualified social security disability attorney win much more often than a claimant without an attorney.