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Encephalopathy and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Your brain is the center of your nervous system. Your brain monitors and regulates your body's actions and reactions. Encephalopathy is a term that means brain damage, malfunction or disease. It is used in reference to any disease that alters your brain structure or function. Encephalopathy is marked by an altered mental state that can also involve physical manifestations like poor coordination of the movements of your limb. Encephalopathy is a very broad term that is often preceded by different terms that describe the special conditions, cause or reason for the malfunction of your brain. In fact, there are over 150 terms that precede or modify encephalopathy in the field of medicine. Some types of encephalopathy are acute (short term). Other forms of encephalopathy are chronic (long lasting). Due to the broad nature of encephalopathy there is no statistical information on it as such. Encephalopathy can develop at any age to anyone of any race or gender. There are several different things that may cause encephalopathy. These include: §  A lack of blood flow or oxygen to your brain §  Mitochondrial or metabolic dysfunction §  Chronic progressive trauma §  A brain tumor §  Poor nutrition §  Increased pressure in your skull §  Exposure to toxic elements like drugs, paints, solvents, industrial chemicals, certain metals and radiation §  An infectious agent, such as virus, bacteria or prion (protein). The signs and symptoms of encephalopathy depend on its severity and type. Some of the indications are: §  Subtle personality changes §  Lethargy §  Loss of the ability to speak or swallow §  Progressive loss of cognitive ability §  Inability to concentrate §  Progressive loss of consciousness §  Muscle weakness and atrophy §  Progressive loss of memory §  Seizures §  Dementia §  Involuntary twitching of a muscle or group of muscles (myoclonus) §  Rapid, involuntary eye movement (nystagmus) §  Tremor. You or a loved one may have or have had encephalopathy. This disorder and/or complications that have resulted from or the underlying condition that caused it may be the reason why you or your loved one is disabled. If this is your situation, you may need assistance. You may need financial help. You or your loved one may be intending to apply for the financial assistance that you need from the Social Security Administration by applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits because of the disability caused by encephalopathy and/or complications that have resulted from or the underlying condition that caused it. You or your loved one may have already taken this step and been denied by the Social Security Administration. If you or your loved one has decided to reapply or appeal the denial, here is an important fact that you need to remember. The fact is that people who have a disability lawyer in their corner like the one you will find at Disability Case Review are approved more often than people who are not represented by a disability attorney.