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Endocrine Cancer and Getting Social Security Disability

Can I get Social Security Disability for endocrine cancer? If you are asking this question, it is probably because you have this disease, and it and/or complications that have resulted from it are the reason why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. filing-for-disability-in-america Cancer is a disease that originates in your cells. Your cells are the basic building blocks of your body. Cancer starts when mutations (defects) develop in your cells. Cancer is much larger than a single disease, and there are many different kinds of cancer. Cancer is usually named according to where it begins in your body. For instance, lung cancer originates in your lungs. Cancer may metastasize (spread) to other areas of your body, but it is still named by where it began. System of glands Your endocrine system is made up of a system of glands. Each one of these glands in your endocrine system secretes a specific kind of hormone into your bloodstream. These hormones regulate your body. They control things, such as development and growth, tissue function, metabolism and mood. Endocrine cancer is cancer that originates in the cells in any area of your endocrine system. Due to the fact that endocrine cancer starts in cells that produce hormones, this type of cancer may also make hormones that result in serious illness. Different types Just as there are several different forms of cancer, there are also several different types of endocrine cancers. These include pituitary cancers, adrenal gland cancer, thyroid cancer, carcinoid cancers, islet cell cancer, parathyroid cancers and neuroendocrine cancer. Endocrine cancer results from defects (mutations) that form in cells in your endocrine system, but no one knows the exact reason why these defects develop. Scientists think that the reason may lie in a combination of environmental and hereditary (genetic) factors. There are some risk factors that have been identified which may increase your risk of having some kind of endocrine cancer. These are: Exposure to radiation Family heredity Having a preceding cancer HIV. There are several different signs and symptoms that may indicate some kind of endocrine cancer. Some of these include: General body weakness Diarrhea Nausea and vomiting Depression Anxiety that may include panic attacks Confusion Changes in bowel or bladder habits Nervousness Persistent pain in a specific (localized) part of your body Memory loss Irritability Thickening or a lump in any area of your body Headaches Seizures A weak immune system. Again, you may have endocrine cancer. This disease and/or complications that have resulted from it are the reason why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. Have you applied for the financial assistance you need by applying for Social Security Disability from the Social Security Administration? Were you denied? Important fact If you plan on reapplying or appealing your denial, remember this important fact. People who are represented by a disability attorney like the one at, are approved more often than people without a disability attorney. The smart thing to do is to contact the disability attorney at, and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you. Article written by James Shugart Connect with James on Google+