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Epidermolysis Bullosa and Receiving Social Security Disability

Epidermolysis bullosa is a group of inherited disorders that causes your skin to be extremely fragile. Because of this, skin blisters develop in response to minor injury, heat or friction from scratching or rubbing. Most types of epidermolysis bullosa show up in infants and young children. However, signs and symptoms may not appear until adolescence or early adulthood in some people who have mild forms of this disorder. Some babies are born with blisters. The mild forms of epidermolysis bullosa may improve with age, but severe forms can cause serious complications and can be fatal. There are three main types of epidermolysis bullosa. There are several subtypes under each of the three main types. The three main types are: In addition to these three main types of the disorder, researchers have proposed a fourth type called hemidesmosomal epidermolysis bullosa. This is a type that is associated with muscular dystrophy. Another rare form is called epidermolysis bullosa acquista. It is not an inherited form of the condition like the other types. It is believed to be an autoimmune disorder where your immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in your body. The main effect of epidermolysis bullosa is the eruption of fluid-filled blisters (bullae) on your skin. Usually these appear on your feet and hands as a result of friction. Depending on your type of epidermolysis bullosa, these blisters typically develop in different areas. The blisters may heal without scarring in the milder forms of this condition. There are other effects that you may have. These include: The effects of epidermolysis bullosa and/or conditions resulting from or along with it can be disabling. This could be the case for you or a loved one. If this is true, you or your loved one may need help. You may need financial help. You or your loved one may have applied for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration because of the disability caused by epidermolysis bullosa and/or conditions along with or resulting from it. Were you or your loved one denied? If you or your loved one is going to appeal the denial by the Social Security Administration, always remember. People with a disability lawyer like the one at Disability Case Review are approved more often than people without an attorney