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Erb's Palsy and Receiving Social Security Disability

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia"]Anterior view of right brachial plexus. Illust...[/caption]
Your brachial plexus consists of a network of nerves that start near your shoulder and neck. These nerves begin at your spinal cord in your neck. They control your hand, elbow, shoulder and wrist. Your nerves are the electrical wiring system that transmits messages from your brain to all of the other parts of your body. Your nerves can be compared to an electrical cable that is wrapped in insulation. Your motor nerves are the ones that carry messages from your brain to your muscles that permit your body to move. Your sensory nerves relay messages from different areas of your body to your brain. These are messages related to pressure, pain and temperature. Your brachial plexus contains both motor and sensory nerves. Your brachial plexus is quite fragile. It can be hurt through cutting, pressure or stretching. These nerves can be torn out of their roots in your neck if the injury you sustain is bad enough. Erb’s palsy is a paralysis of your arm that is caused by injury to the upper group of your arm’s main nerves. These nerves form part of your brachial plexus. The paralysis caused by Erb’s palsy may be partial or complete. The most common cause of Erb’s palsy is a traumatic fall onto the side of your head and shoulder, which violently stretches the nerves of your plexus. The upper trunk of your plexus sustains the greatest injury. Other causes include direct violence, gunshot wounds, violent traction or efforts at reducing a dislocation of your shoulder joint. There are signs and symptoms that may indicate that you have Erb’s palsy. Some of these include: You or a loved one may be suffering from Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy and/or complications that have developed from it or other ailments that you have along with this palsy may have resulted in the disability of you or your loved one and be the reason why you are not able to work. You may need assistance because of this. You may need financial help. You or your loved one may be considering applying for the financial assistance that you need from the Social Security Administration by applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits because of the disability that has resulted from Erb’s palsy and/or complications that have been brought about by it or other ailments that you have along with this palsy. You may have already tried this option, and your claim was turned down by the Social Security Administration. If you or your loved one has decided to reapply or appeal the denial, you really ought to consider this simple fact. The truth is that people who are represented by a disability lawyer like the one you will find at are approved more often than people who do not have a disability attorney in their corner. Please do not delay or put this off until tomorrow. It is far too important to you or your loved one. Contact the disability lawyer at, today.
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