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Erb's Paralysis and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Your brachial plexus is made up of a network of nerves that begin near your neck and shoulder. These nerves originate at your spinal cord in your neck. Your brachial plexus controls your wrist, hand, shoulder and elbow. Messages going from your brain to all of the other areas of your body are transmitted by way of your nerves. Your nerves are the electrical wiring system of your body. They are very much like an electrical cable that is wrapped in insulation. The messages that go from your brain to your muscles that allow your body to move are carried by your motor nerves. Messages from different parts of your body are relayed to your brain by your sensory nerves. These are the messages that have to do with temperature, pressure and pain. Your sensory nerves and your motor nerves are both housed by your brachial plexus. Your brachial plexus is one of your bodily structures that is extremely fragile. Your brachial plexus may be injured by means of pressure, stretching or cutting. The nerves that compose your brachial plexus may be torn out of their roots in your neck if you have an injury that is serious enough. Erb’s paralysis comes about because of an injury to your brachial plexus. Erb’s paralysis is evidenced by the moving of your upper arm and the rotating of your lower arm being affected. Erb’s paralysis is a paralysis of your arm that is brought about by an injury to the upper group of your arm’s main nerves. These nerves make up a portion of your brachial plexus. The paralysis that results from Erb’s paralysis can be either complete or partial. The thing that causes Erb’s paralysis most of the time is a traumatic fall onto the side of your shoulder and head. The result of the fall is that the nerves of your plexus are violently stretched. The area that sustains the greatest damage is the upper trunk of your plexus. Do you have Erb’s paralysis? If you do, you may qualify for some type of social security disability benefits, such as SSI or SSDI. The right thing to do is to go to and get the advice of one of the social security attorneys. The social security attorneys at are skilled in matters of disability benefits and dealing with the Social Security Administration. Go to, now. There are other things that may cause Erb’s paralysis. Some of these include: There are signs and symptoms that may be an indication of Erb’s paralysis. Some of these are:
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