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Expedited reinstatement for diabetes what do I need to know?

Recently on our disability forum a user asked, “I was getting Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for several years and then decided that I would like to try to return to work. I completed the trial work period and worked for several more years. Now I realize that my condition is too severe to continue to work. What are my options? I thought I heard something about an expedited reinstatement? I’d love to get my benefits back without waiting months like I did the first time!” get-filing-disability-help

How does a trial work period work?

A trial work period is a set amount of time in which a claimant is allowed to go back to work and perform substantial and/or gainful work for a particular period of time- 9 months within a 5 year window- and test their ability to work. It’s important to note, however, that during a five year time period you may have nine trial work months, although the months do not have to be in consecutive order. After you have “used up” your nine months, the Trial Work Period is over. Now, you might think that’s the end of the story, but it’s not. In fact, after the Trial Work Period ends you also have some additional time in which to work and earn money. This period of time is referred to as your Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE). After the EPE there is another period of time that is referred to as your “3 month grace period.” Claimants who continue to work at a substantial level through the grace period will lose their right to SSDI benefits. Given the information you provided it sounds like you worked at a substantial level through each period discussed above and lost SSDI benefits. Now, you mentioned that you do not believe that you can keep working. With this in mind, let’s discuss your ability to reapply for benefits with an expedited reinstatement.

Expedited reinstatement for SSDI benefits

The benefit of expedited reinstatement for benefits is that you can restart your SSDI benefits without having to file a new application- a huge benefit given the months it can take to get approval. So let’s talk about whom is eligible for an expedited SSDI benefits. First, to qualify for an expedited reinstatement you must have stopped getting SSDI benefits because you made too much money when you re-entered the workforce. Next, you must request the expedited reinstatement within 60 months from the date your SSDI benefits were terminated, and your lack of ability to work must be because of the same medical condition for which you originally received benefits. Finally, the SSA must determine that your health condition has not medically improved since you first applied for SSDI benefits. How do I apply for expedited reinstatement for my SSDI benefits? If you need to apply for an expedited reinstatement and you meet the requirements outlined above you will need to contact the local SSA office in your area. Your application should be sent directly to the disability determinations services office (DDS) where they will review your claim and verity you meet the medical requirements. Recent blog Dog bite can I get SSDi benefits?