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Filing a SSI or SSDI Claim: Step One

The first step in filing for SSI or SSDI is making a claim. This can be accomplished in either of two ways: by going to your local Social Security Feild Office and completing an application in person, or by calling your local office to schedule a phone interview in which a representative of the SSA will complete an application with you over the phone. After you initial application has been received and processed at the SSA it is sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS) to be evaluated. Every claim is assigned a Disability Examiner (DE), who will ultimately approve or dissaprove your claim. He or she will immediately request medical records from physicians, clinics, psychiatrists, labs, and any other accredited source of medical records that you have listed in your initial application. The DE will also contact medical specialists employeed by the DDS as consultants to aid in making a decision, as well as schedule a medical examination when the records are unsufficient. The time it takes to make a decision on a claim varies greatly and is affected by many different factors, but the main hold-up is the time spent waiting for medical records. To have an attorney assist you in the application process as well as the rest of your case, please click here for a free evaluation.