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Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy and Receiving Social Security

Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is a rare disease. Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is a disorder that progresses slowly. Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy involves the cornea of your eye. Your cornea is the transparent front surface of your eye. Your endothelium (back surface of your cornea) will not permit an excess amount of fluid to accumulate in your cornea when your cornea is working like it ought to. Your endothelium cells start to slowly deteriorate and die when you are afflicted with Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy. Fuchs’ is characterized by fluid accumulating in your cornea. This brings about a variety of problems with your vision that includes blindness. Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy gets its name from the Austrian ophthalmologist, Ernst Fuchs. In 1910, he was the first person to describe this disease. Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is referred to in other ways. It is also known as endothelial corneal dystrophy, Fuchs’ dystrophy and endothelial dystrophy. As has already been stated, this corneal dystrophy is a rare disorder of your eye. This disease affects only about 1% of the general population of the United States. Women are more likely to develop Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy than men are. Only in rare instances does Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy affect the vision of people who are not in their 50s and 60s. This is true even though people who are in their 30s and 40s may show signs and symptoms of this disease. Are you experiencing signs and symptoms that may be an indication of Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy. If this is the case, this may enable you to obtain social security disability benefits like SSDI or SSI. A good decision is to get in touch with one of the social security attorneys at The social security attorneys at are experienced when it comes to what it takes to get disability benefits. In some instances, the thing that brings about Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is not known. However, most of the time, this eye disorder is an inherited disease. What this means is that it is passed down to you from your parents. The manner is which Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is inherited is what is referred to as autosomal dominant. What this means is that if either one of your parents has the disease, you have a 50% chance of having it also. The signs and symptoms that are produced by corneal dystrophy will affect both of your eyes in most cases. Some of the signs and symptoms that you may experience include:
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