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Functional Amnesia

There are times when you may like to escape reality by watching a good movie or reading an exciting book. However, dissociative disorder is a broad term that is used for a kind of mental illness that is characterized by escaping reality in ways that are involuntary and unhealthy. The word dissociation means the act of separating or the state of being separated. In psychiatry or psychology, dissociation refers to a mental response that diverts your consciousness away from traumatic or painful associations. Simply put, dissociation is a way in which you escape painful associations of reality. The way that you do this is by going to some imaginary or real place. There are several things that this may involve. This includes numbing, loss of speech, paralysis, shock or even loss of consciousness. Dissociative disorder is a mental illness that is characterized by a dissociation from or an interruption of the fundamental aspects of your waking consciousness. This may mean things like your personal identity or your personal history. This dissociation is regarded by clinicians as be a coping mechanism in which you literally dissociate yourself from some type of situation or experience that is so traumatic that you are unable to integrate it with your conscious self. Functional amnesia is one of the four primary forms of dissociative disorder. The other three are depersonalization disorder, dissociative fugue and dissociative identity disorder. Functional amnesia is known by other names. It is also referred to as psychogenic amnesia and dissociative amnesia. Amnesia is the partial or total inability of a person to have the ability to recall personal experiences that are either recent or from the distant past. When amnesia is the result of a psychological rather than a physical cause, it is known as functional amnesia. If you have signs of this disorder, you may need social security disability benefits, such as SSI or SSDI. The social security attorneys at are the ones to contact. Functional amnesia is a disorder in which you are unable to recall important personal information about a traumatic or stressful event that took place in your life. Functional amnesia is evidenced by blocking out that critical personal information. Functional amnesia has been linked to enormous stress, which may have resulted from traumatic events that you have experienced or witnessed like war, disasters, abuse or accidents. Genetics may also be a factor in causing functional amnesia as you may have close relatives with similar conditions. The primary sign or symptom of functional amnesia is memory loss that goes far beyond and is much more extensive than normal forgetfulness. Functional amnesia is memory loss that has not been brought about by a physical or neurological condition. Other signs and symptoms that may be an indication of functional amnesia are:
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