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Getting Social Security Benefits For Abdominal Angina

When you hear the word, "angina" you probably think of problems with your heart. Angina, however, can also refer to abdominal pain. Abdominal angina is postprandial abdominal pain that occurs if you have insufficient blood flow to meet mesenteric visceral demands. It is intermittent abdominal pain that frequently develops at a fixed time after eating. There are other names for this discomfort and pain. Abdominal angina is also called bowelgina and intestinal angina. The primary effect that abdominal angina will probably have on you is disabling central abdominal pain that comes 10-15 minutes after eating. This pain usually increases in intensity until it reaches a plateau. Then, it slowly goes away several hours after eating. At the beginning, this pattern of pain occurs only after eating a large meal. However, over time, this pain develops even after small meals. You begin to associate eating a meal with pain. Another way that abdominal angina will affect you is by causing significant weight loss. This is weight loss that comes without you trying to lose weight. As abdominal angina grows more serious, the effects that it causes may make it hard for you to get and hold a job. You may not be able to work if you are suffering intense abdominal pain and weakness from losing a significant amount of weight. The disability caused by abdominal angina may qualify you to receive Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. The experienced disability attorney at is the one who will give you the best advice concerning applying for disability benefits. Does this apply to you? Are you or a loved one suffering from abdominal angina? Is abdominal angina keeping you or your loved one from working? Is it the cause of your disability? Do you or your loved one need assistance? Are you in need of financial help? Have you or your loved one applied for that financial assistance from the Social Security Administration because of the disability caused by abdominal angina? Were you or your loved one denied by the Social Security Administration?  If so, you may be wondering what to do now? You may wonder what options you have open to you. One option that you or your loved one has is to appeal the denial by the Social Security Administration. If this is what you decide to do, here is something for you to keep in mind. You or your loved one will need a dependable Social Security disability lawyer like the one to help and counsel you in what can be a long and trying process. The reason this is true is because people who are represented by a skilled disability attorney are approved more often than those people who do not have a lawyer. Do not delay. Do not put this off. Contact us at, today. We will put you in touch with a qualified disability attorney who will help you fight for the benefits you deserve.