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Getting Social Security Disability for Cervical Central Canal Stenosis

Can I get Social Security Disability for cervical central canal stenosis? If this is something you want to know, it is probably because you are suffering from this disorder, and it and/or complications that have resulted from the condition or other debilitating disorders that you have along with it have caused you to be disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. filing-for-disability Stenosis refers to the abnormal narrowing of a passage in your body. Spinal stenosis refers to a narrowing of the open spaces within your spine. This narrowing can put pressure on your spinal cord and the nerves that run through your spine to your arms and legs. The narrowing of your spine does not always result in problems. However, problems usually develop when spinal stenosis affects your spinal nerves or spinal cord. Primary or acquired Spinal stenosis may be either primary or acquired. If your are born with spinal stenosis, it is primary. If the disorder is caused by degenerative changes that occur in your spine, it is acquired. Cervical central canal stenosis is when the narrowing of your spinal canal occurs in your neck, in the upper part of your spinal cord. The seven vertebrae between your head and your chest are what are affected by cervical central canal stenosis. Cervical central canal stenosis may change the way your spinal cord works as your nerves and spinal cord are squeezed. When this happens, different difficulties and problems may occur. Cervical central canal stenosis may be indicated by several signs and symptoms Some of these are: Hand or arm pain Shoulder or neck pain Lack of coordination and clumsiness Imbalance when you walk Incontinence (lack of bladder or bowel control) Tingling, burning, pins sensations in your affected extremity Weakness in your arms or legs Pain, stiffness or numbness in your legs, hands, arms, shoulders or neck. The primary cause of cervical central canal stenosis is changes that occur in the shape of your spinal canal, which usually result from aging. Consequently, cervical central canal stenosis develops most of the time in people who are over the age of 50, but the disorder may also result from trauma or injury to your neck. Again, cervical central canal stenosis and/or complications that have resulted from it or other debilitating conditions that you have along with it may be the reason why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. You may have already applied for Social Security Disability from the Social Security Administration and been denied. Established fact If you are thinking about reapplying or appealing the denial, here is an established fact that you may not be aware of that you really need to keep in mind. It is simply this. Claimants who are represented by a disability attorney like the one you will find at, are approved more often than people who are not represented by a disability attorney. The really smart thing to do is to contact the disability attorney at, and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you. Article written by James Shugart Connect with James on Google+