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Getting Social Security Disability for Cumulative Trauma Disorder

Can I get Social Security Disability for cumulative trauma disorder? You are probably asking this question because you have this disorder, and it and/or complications resulting from the disorder or other debilitating conditions you have along with it are the reason why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. getting-disability-benefits Cumulative trauma disorder is a term that is used when a part of your body is injured due to repeatedly overusing that part or repeatedly causing trauma to that body part. Overuse or trauma is brought about when a specific part of your body is required to stretch farther, work harder, impact more directly or function in some other way at a greater level than that body part is prepared for. Damage The initial result of overuse or trauma may be very small. However, when overuse or trauma continues repeatedly over a period of time, damage can result. Cumulative trauma disorder identifies a large group of conditions that are caused by a body part being traumatized in either a small or a large way over a period of time. The build up of trauma is what results in cumulative trauma disorder. Cumulative trauma disorder usually involves a specific joint and affects the tendon, bursa, bone or muscle of that joint. The body parts most often affected are your upper back, hand or arms. However, other anatomical areas and features can be stressed, and their response to that trauma may result in an injury. There are several examples of cumulative trauma disorder. These include: Shin splints Bunyan Tennis elbow Carpal tunnel syndrome Thoracic outlet syndrome Vibration white finger Tenosynovitis Tendonitis Blackberry thumb Trigger finger Bursitis. Cumulative trauma disorder may be evidenced by several, varied signs and symptoms. Some of these are: Pain that gets worse at night Pain that radiates (moves) up into your elbow or shoulder Weakness in your hand A clumsy feeling in your hand Tenderness when the affected area is touched Recurring pain or soreness in your wrist, hands, upper back, shoulders or neck Loss of sensation, coldness, tingling or numbness in your affected area Weakness, loss of grip strength and lack of endurance Muscles in your arms and shoulders feeling wiry and hard to the touch. Again, you may have cumulative trauma disorder. The disorder and/or complications resulting from it or other debilitating conditions that you have in addition to it may be why you are disabled, unable to work and in need of financial assistance. Have you applied for the financial assistance that you need by applying for Social Security Disability from the Social Security Administration? Were you turned down? Important fact If you are going to reapply or appeal your denial, there is an important fact that you need to keep in mind. People who are represented by a disability attorney like the one at, are approved more often than people who do not have a disability attorney fighting for them. The wise thing to do is to contact the disability attorney at, and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you. Article written by James Shugart Connect with James on Google+