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Heart Enlargement and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Your heart represents the center of your cardiovascular system. Your heart pumps blood to all of the cells of your body by means of your body’s blood vessels. Your cells must have the oxygen that is in your blood in order to work like they should.  In this blog post we give you more information on heart enlargement signs and symptoms and characteristics of the cardiovascular disorder. Heart enlargement is the medical term that is used for an enlarged heart. Heart enlargement is used in reference to an increase in the size of your heart. Heart enlargement is thought to be caused by the thickening of your heart muscles. This is something that occurs when your heart is placed under an increased workload. Heart enlargement is known by other terms. It is also referred to as megacardia, megalocardia, athlete heart, osteochondrodysplasia syndrome, enlarged heart and cardiomegaly. One thing to remember is that heart enlargement is not a disease or disorder. Heart enlargement is a condition that is a sign or symptom of an underlying disease or disorder that is causing it.

Possible Reasons for Heart Enlargement

You may have heart enlargement when the cause of it cannot be discovered. However, there are several things that can lead to heart enlargement. These include things that can place a great amount of stress on your body. Some of these are: ?  Various forms of thyroid disorders ?  High blood pressure in the artery that connects your lungs and heart (pulmonary hypertension) ?  Low red blood cell count (anemia) ?  Having too much iron in your body (hemochromatosis) ?  High blood pressure (hypertension) ?  Heart arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) ?  Difficulties with your heart valves ?  Protein build up that occurs in your heart (amyloidosis) ?  Some type of congenital heart disease (something you are born with) ?  Pregnancy ?  Your coronary arteries becoming damaged or diseased (coronary artery disease) ?  Weakening of your heart muscle itself (cardiomyopathy). Heart enlargement is also a common difficulty for athletes or people who exercise strenuously in long, tough workouts. This is due to the fact that your heart is overworked or put under a greater workload. In order to take care of the needs of your body, your heart has to work harder and pump more blood. This can lead to your heart muscle becoming thickened. This, in turn, results in heart enlargement.

Risk Factors of Heart Enlargement

There are some risk factors that may increase your risk of developing heart enlargement. Some of these include: Again, keep in mind that heart enlargement is not a disorder or a disease. Heart enlargement is a condition that is a sign or symptom of whatever the underlying disorder or disease is that has resulted in it. Even though this is true, there are signs and symptoms that may be an indication of heart enlargement. On the other hand, you may not experience any signs or symptoms with heart enlargement. If you do, possible signs and symptoms are: Have you become disabled and unable to work because of the underlying disorder or disease and/or complications that have arisen from whatever it is that has led to your heart enlargement? If this is true, do you need financial help? Have you attempted to get Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration? Did the Social Security Administration turn down your attempt to get these disability benefits? The attorney at can help you in your attempt to get Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. The attorney at can get the job done.  Do not wait. Call, right now.