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How can an Attorney help in Social Security Disability Benefit Claims

Social Security Administration allows anyone to file his or her own Social Security Disability Benefits claim without the aid of an attorney. Everyone also has a right to have an attorney represent them in the Social Security Disability cases. However, if we examine the statistics of past cases we can clearly see that claimants represented by an attorney have had a much higher success rate than people without any representation. In addition many claimants will find that having an attorney will help in most aspects of the case from handling the documentation to appeals. They will get a better understanding of the Social Security System and their own claim through an attorney. In light of the above facts people who want file a claim for Social Security Disability should seriously consider the advantages of having an attorney to represent them in the case. An attorney can help the claimant in a variety of ways including the following. An attorney experienced in disability claims will be able to recognize what the Social Security Administration will look for in the claimant's particular case that will prove the claimant's disability. As such he or she will be able to help the claimant, by evaluating the case according SSA regulations before hand, by assisting in the proper filling of forms, by getting additional medical evidence and by preparing the claimant for giving testimony at the hearing. Since the attorney will be familiar with system he or she will also be able help the claimant file the relevant documents, from initial claim to appeals in a orderly professional manner, acceptable to the bureaucracy concerned. The attorney will be able to monitor the progress of the case and supplement it with any additional documents and evidence as needed promptly, The attorney will also be able to fully argue the case in front of the Administrative Law Judge if there is an second appeal and protect the interest of the claimant by objecting or pointing out to the judge any improper evidence or procedures that might adversely effect the claim. Finally an attorney will be able to ensure that Social Security Administration will properly calculate the benefits when the claim is approved.