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How do I know if I am disabled?

The Social Security Administration has strict guidelines to determine who is disabled and therefore qualified to receive payments. While there are indications that help us determine which way the Social Security Administration is going to lean, there is no guarantee. Unless you have some major disability, the determination of disability is often a guessing game. A qualified social security disability attorney can provide insight into how the administration is likely to rule on your case. Ultimately the decision to file rests with the individual claimant. Since there is no guarantees when filing your case, the best thing you can do is make your decision to file based on how you feel, your belief regarding your ability to return to work, opinions of a trusted doctor, attorney, and friends and family. If you truly believe you disability is major enough to prevent you from continuing previous work or some type of comparable work then you should probably look into filing for social security disability. If your case after being filed has been denied, you should seek the advice of an experienced attorney on your chances of successfully appealing the social security administration's ruling. It almost is irrelevant to look at the disability you have as a factor or basis in your decision to file for social security disability. While some diseases and disabilities on their face may qualify, the ultimate question comes down to "how sick is this individual, and how long is this disease or illness likely to continue in the future?" If you can answer this question along with the advice of a social security disability attorney you should be well on your way in determining the likelihood of the social security administration granting relief based on your circumstances.