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Hypoxic Encephalopathy and Receiving Social Security Disability

Your brain is enclosed in your cranium. It is truly one of the most complex and amazing organs in all of creation. Your brain is the home of your personality and mind. It is where your future hopes and cherished memories reside. Your brain is at the center of your nervous system. It is the organ that regulates and monitors the actions and reactions of your body. Your brain is constantly getting sensory information, which it quickly analyzes and responds to by regulating the actions and functions of your body. It is obvious that your brain is extremely vital and important. Any disorder or condition that affects and involves your brain is serious and should not be taken lightly. Hypoxic encephalopathy is a condition that is evidenced by the supply of oxygen to your brain being reduced. This is in spite of the fact that there is a sufficient amount of blood flow going to your brain. In a technical sense, hypoxic encephalopathy is a condition that is used in reference to there being a lack of oxygen supply to the outer area of your brain. However, hypoxic encephalopathy is also often used to refer to a lack of oxygen supply to your entire brain.

4 Forms of Hypoxic Encephalopathy

There are four separate forms of hypoxic encephalopathy that depend on the location and severity of your oxygen depravation. They are:
  1. ?  Focal cerebral ischemia – This refers to a stroke that takes place in a localized area.
  2. ?  Global cerebral ischemia – This disorder is characterized by a complete stoppage of blood flow to your brain.
  3. ?  Massive cerebral infarction – This refers to a stroke in which complete oxygen depravation is caused by an interference in cerebral blood flow that involves multiple areas of your brain.
  4. ?  Diffuse hypoxic encephalopathy – This condition is evidenced by a mild to moderate impairment of your brain function that is caused by low oxygen levels in your blood.
Hypoxic encephalopathy may be brought about by anything that severely upsets your brain’s ability to receive or process oxygen. There are several things that can lead to this occurring. Some of these things include extremely low blood pressure, asphyxiation from smoke inhalation, shock, a drug overdose, stroke, compression of your windpipe (trachea), heart attack, choking, high altitudes, diseases that cause paralysis of your breathing muscles, carbon monoxide poisoning, strangulation and drowning.

Symptoms and Signs of Hypoxic Encephalopathy

There are many different signs and symptoms that you may have with hypoxic encephalopathy. Some of these include: Are you incapacitated and cannot work as a result of hypoxic encephalopathy and/or complications that have resulted from it or other ailments that you have in conjunction with this condition? Because of your disability, have you been looking for financial aid? Have you thought about filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration? Have you already taken this step and been denied by the Social Security Administration? If you have decided to appeal your denial or reapply, you really need to have the disability lawyer at standing with you. The disability lawyer at knows how to work with the Social Security Administration and get you the disability benefits that are rightfully yours.