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Lupus and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Lupus is a chronic, inflammatory disease in which your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. The inflammation caused by lupus may affect many of your different body systems. This includes your joints, kidneys, heart, skin, lungs and blood cells. Women are more at risk for getting lupus than men, though it is not clear why. There are four types of lupus that exist: The most serious and common form of lupus is systemic lupus erythematosus. Lupus is a disease where no two cases are exactly alike. The effects caused by lupus may come on slowly or develop suddenly. They can be temporary or permanent, mild or severe. With most cases of lupus, people have episodes that are called "flares". This is where there are times when their signs and symptoms get worse then eventually improve or even disappear completely for a period of time. The way that you are affected by lupus will depend on which of your body systems are affected by the disease. Speaking in a general way, some of the signs and symptoms of lupus are: You or a loved one may be suffering from lupus. Lupus may be the cause of you or your loved one’s disability. It may be the reason why you are unable to work. If this is the case, do you or your loved one need help? Do you need financial help? Where will you get the financial assistance that you need? Who will help you? Have you or your loved one applied for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration because of the disability caused by lupus? Were you or your loved one denied? You or your loved one may be thinking about appealing the denial by the Social Security Administration. If you do, here is something that you need to think about. You or your loved one will need to be represented by a disability attorney in this procedure. The reason why this is true is because people who are represented by a disability lawyer like the one you will find at are approved more often than those people who do not have an attorney. Do not wait. This is something of great importance to you or your loved one. Contact the disability lawyer at, today.
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