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Medullary Cystic Kidney Disease and Receiving Social Security Disability

Your kidneys play an important role in the way your body functions, not only by filtering your blood and getting rid of waste products, but also by balancing levels of electrolytes in your body, stimulating the production of red blood cells and controlling blood pressure. Your kidneys are located in your abdomen toward the back. Normally, one is located on each side of your spine. Their blood supply comes through the renal arteries directly from your aorta, and they transport blood back to your heart through the renal veins to the vena cava. (The term "renal" is derived from the Latin name for kidney.) Sensors within your kidneys decide how much water to excrete as urine, along with what concentration of electrolytes when blood flows to your kidneys. For example, if you are dehydrated from exercise or an illness, your kidneys will retain as much water as possible, and your urine will become extremely concentrated. Your urine becomes much more dilute, and your urine becomes clear when you have enough water in your body. Medullary cystic kidney disease is an inherited disorder. This disease is characterized by cysts that develop in the center of each of your kidneys. The result is a gradual loss of your kidneys ability to function. There are signs and symptoms that you may experience in the early stages of medullary cystic kidney disease. These include: In the advanced stages of this disease, you may have signs and symptoms of kidney failure that include: You or a loved one may be suffering from medullary cystic kidney disease. This disease and/or complications arising from or along with it may be why you are disabled and unable to work. You may need help if this is your situation. You may need financial assistance. Are you or your loved one planning on applying for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration because of the disability caused by medullary cystic kidney disease and/or complications resulting from or along with it? Were you or your loved one denied? If you intend to appeal the denial by the Social Security Administration, think this over very carefully. People who are represented by a disability attorney are approved more often than those people who are without a lawyer.