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Memphis Social Security Disability Lawyer

According to the Memphis Social Security Disability law, there are two types of social security disability programs. If you believe that you are eligible for benefits and should avail of the benefits under the Memphis Social Security Disability law, you should get in touch with a Memphis social security disability lawyer immediately. (Click here for a FREE assessment of your case.) Our Memphis social security disability lawyer will tell you which type of social security you can avail of. The two types are: • Social Security Disability: This kind of social security disability is similar to paying premiums on a disability insurance policy. Here, you will receive a monthly benefit, if you are proved disabled, based on the amount of income that you last earned. So, if you are ever caught in an accident and suffer physical and/or mental impairment, based on the F.I.C.A. deductions that were paid from your paycheck to the Internal Revenue Service, this will come to you as a monthly payment,. • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): While this too is a monthly payment, it is based on one’s need. So, if your income is far too low and you have no other means of income to support your disability, you will receive this monthly benefit. You will receive a lower amount than what Memphis social security disability law provides for you – roughly $550 per month. One cannot receive both types of social security disability together. If you are sick or injured and need to claim social security disability benefits, you will have to follow the government regulations, which list out the kinds of injury and illness that you must suffer from to qualify for Social Security Disability. You can qualify if you have more than one symptom and if the medication that you are being given induces sleep and prevents you from working. Ask your Memphis social security disability lawyer for sound advice, since the law is a maze. You must be able to prove that you cannot go to work and do an honest day’s work. If you can do a full day’s work, at any job for which you have the requisite skills, then you cannot avail of these benefits. Further, if you have a full time job, you don’t stand to benefit from the Memphis Social Security Disability law. Also, to avail of these benefits, your income should not exceed $700 per month. For any queries, contact the Memphis Social Security Disability office located at: 202B SHOPPING WAY BLVD West Memphis, AR 72301 If you live in Dallas SSDI, Fort Worth Disability, Reno lawyer, Baltimore attorney, Denver Social Security Law, see this links.