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Living life with a disability can be extremely difficult, confusing, and especially expensive. The costs involved with hospital visits and rehabilitation have sored with the increasing cost of health insurance, and with so much time being consumed by these activities many cannot commit the time to their job that is necessary to cover their expenses. In fact, many people within the state of Michigan who are disabled find themselves in such financial hardship that Social Security Disability is the only way out. SSDI can be a very effective way for people living with a disability to regain their financial stability, however, whether you are an autoworker in in Detroit or a professor in Ann Arbor, you need to prepare yourself ahead of time. Social Security Disability can be very confusing and many who apply find themselves at a disadvantage because they are unfamiliar with what they are getting into. You should explore the resources available to you here on Disability Case Review so that you do not become one of these people. Additionally, you need to hire an experienced disability attorney in your area of Michigan. Do not rely on a union representative to guide you through the process. Many laws applicable to Social Security Disability have changed in the past few years, and you need to have an attorney who is familiar with these changes. For more information on what to look for in an attorney or to find a Michigan disability lawyer who can represent you, continue to take a look at Disability Case Review.