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Minor children of disabled parents

Many claimants are concerned about their child receiving benefits based on their insured status or their spouse's status. Can children who are not disabled receive benefits? The answer to this question is yes, with a few requirements. A child who is under age 18, a full time student in school, or the child is an adult who was disabled before age 22 may receive benefits provided one of their parents qualify for SS disability. There are three ways a child may receive disability benefits: (1) a child under 18 receives benefits based on the insured status of a parent or deceased parent, (2) SSDI benefits for an adult who has been disabled since childhood, that is before age 22, and (3) SSI benefits based on either their parent's information or upon turning 21 receiving SSI because of their own disability. Once a child does in fact receive benefits, those benefits do not last forever. A child that is currently receiving SSDI may have those benefits stopped if they turn 18, drop out of school, change schools, goes from full-time status to part-time status, is expelled or suspended, is paid by an employer for attending school, gets married, or joins the workforce. Any one of these reasons in this list may prevent your child from receiving benefits.