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Morbus Behcet Vasculitis and Applying for Social Security Disability

Vasculitis is much more than one single disease. Vasculitis is a broad medical term for a group of uncommon diseases that are marked by inflammation of your blood vessels. Vasculitis is also characterized by damage to and inflammation in the walls of various blood vessels in your body.  Morbus Behcet is a form of vasculitis that is evidenced by ulceration and other legions. What is Morbus Behcet? The blood vessels of your body are what compose your vascular system. Your blood vessels are made up of arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to the tissues of your body and veins that bring oxygen-depleted blood back from your tissues to your lungs for a renewal of oxygen. Morbus Behcet is also evidenced by skin lesions, genital ulcers, eye problems and painful mouth ulcers. Morbus Behcet is believed to lead to chronic upsetting of your body’s immune system. Your body’s immune system protects your body against infections when it is functioning like it ought to. Your immune system does this through controlled inflammation. However, if your immune system becomes overactive, it may lead to unpredictable outbreaks of exaggerated inflammation that usually involve your small blood vessels. One good thing is that Morbus Behcet is a rare disease. Somewhere around 1 in 20,000 people are afflicted with Morbus Behcet in the United States. Around 1 in 10,000 people in the Middle East, Mediterranean basin and Far East are affected by this disease. Morbus Behcet takes place more frequently in men than it does in women. This disease may begin at any age, but it usually starts when you are between 20 and 30 years of age. Other names of Morbus Behcet Morbus Behcet is referred to in other ways. It is also called Behcet’s syndrome, Behcet’s disease and silk road disease. Morbus Behcet was first identified by Hulusi Behcet, a Turkish scientist and dermatologist. He identified this disease in one of his patients in 1924.

Causes and Risk Factors of Morbus Behcet

The cause of Morbus Behcet has not yet been discovered. As mentioned above, it is believed to be an immune system disorder in which your immune system does not work like it ought to. Genetic and environmental factors are also thought to have a part in bringing about Morbus Behcet. There are risk factors that may increase your chance of developing Morbus Behcet. Some of these include:

Morbus Behcet Symptoms

The signs and symptoms produced by Morbus Behcet usually vary from person to person. The signs and symptoms that you have will probably be determined by the areas of your body that are affected by Morbus Behcet. Some of the recurring signs and symptoms that you may experience are:

Can't work because you have Morbus Behcet?

Are you being prevented from being able to work because Morbus Behcet and/or complications that have been brought about by it or other disorders that you have besides this disease have caused you to become incapacitated? Because of this, do you need financial assistance? Have you filed for Social Security disability benefits or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration? Were you denied by the Social Security Administration? If you are planning on reapplying or appealing your denial, you really need to consider having the disability lawyer at standing with you. The disability lawyer at knows how to get the job done.